LIVE BEES! is an environmental advocacy project for regenerative beekeeping in South Africa. Since 2020 the project has conducted two research projects and two art exhibitions sharing the findings of that research with the public.

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The first research project looked at pollen samples from twelve hives in the Tsitsikamma area which were tested for industrial agricultural chemicals. These findings were presented in an exhibition at the AVA gallery in Cape Town in June of 2021.

The second research project looked at bee audio communication by making recordings of bees inside the hive. The recordings were used in an artwork exhibited at the Nirox Sculpture Park in the Cradle of Humankind in Johannesburg in October of 2021. The project has also resulted in the eco hive design which is a beehive designed around regenerative principles.

The aim of the project is to promote regenerative beekeeping in South Africa. The reasons for this are many and include enhancing environmental awareness in private and agricultural spheres.

We need to care for our environment without constantly extracting from it for our own benefit. We can find a measured balance in our relationship with nature. The bees provide pollination, food and medicine. We are dependent on them.