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1.1 What does the company do?
- Our company is engaged in beekeeping, i.e. One of the branches of agriculture engaged in the cultivation of bees for the production of honey, wax and other products, pollination of entomophilous agricultural crops in order to increase their yield and improve the quality of seeds and fruits.

1.2 Is your company legal?
- Yes, it is.We are in full compliance with international legislation and have the necessary documents, providing us the legal ability to provide services. You can find documents confirming the legality of the company in the tab "Company" "Documents".

1.3 Where to start?
- To start, you should study the marketing plan of the company and get acquainted with the FAQ. Then register , create a deposit and receive a daily passive income in the end.

1.4 Why does the company make a profit?
- High profit is achieved by the production of ecologically clean products of beekeeping, which makes us competitive in the market for honey products.

1.5 How secure is the site and my personal data?
- Our website has a SSL data encryption certificate with extended validation and GreenBar, and protected tools from SiteLock, McAfee. Located on a dedicated server under the protection of the CloudFlare service, and is under the supervision of our experts.

2.1 How do I create an account?
- In order to create an account, You need to register. To do this, click on the "Register" button on the main page of the site, to come up with a personal nickname in the project, enter a valid email address, create a password and click "Register".

2.2 Can I create more than one account?
- Create more than one account is prohibited in order to avoid fraud with a side of "advanced" users. Our experts check all the users on the presence of multi-accounts, and the determination thereof, all accounts of that user will be blocked and accounts frozen until the circumstances are clarified.

2.3 How can I change my account information?
- Changing personal data, such as e-mail address and payment systems, is closed to the user for the purpose of keeping his accounts secure in case of account hacking. If you need to change your personal data, you should contact support.

2.4 What should I do if I forgot my login / password from my account?
- Use the convenient form of password recovery on the login page of your account. If for some reason the form does not help you, please contact support.

2.5 What should I do if my account is blocked?
- If your account is blocked, you should contact support, where you will be given full information about why the account is locked and what you need to do to unlock it.

3.1 What currencies does the company operate with?
- Our company accepts investments in such currencies as Dollar USD and BitCoin.

3.2 What payment systems does the company operate with?
- Our company works only with electronic payment systems, in particular Perfect Money, Advanced Cash, Payeer, BitCoin and other available systems.

3.3 Can I use MasterCard or Visa cards?
- No, bank cards are not available for use, as the company only works with electronic payment systems.

3.4 What Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies courses is used in the company?
- Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies courses : $8700 for BTC, $185 for Ethereum, $60 for Litecoin.

3.5 Where can I find the description of investment plans?
- You can find all information on investment plans in the "Company" tab - "Investment plans" in the main menu of the site.

4.1 What is the minimum and maximum amount for investment?
- The minimum investment amount is $ 15, and the maximum amount is $ 100,000

4.2 How to make a deposit?
- In order to make a deposit, you need to go to your personal account, tab "Deposits" ,choose an investment plan, a payment system and enter the amount in USD (in BTC if BitCoin payment system) that you want to invest in the company. Click the "Create" button, you will be transferred to the page of your payment system, where you will need to confirm the transfer.

4.3 How many deposits can I make simultaneously?
- We do not limit investors in the number of simultaneous deposits. You can create any number of deposits using different payment systems and investment plans.

4.4 How soon will the funds be credited after the deposit is created?
- After you have confirmed the transfer in your payment system, the funds will be credited instantly. The exception is BitCoin, since this payment system has its own rules for confirming the transfer and their confirmation can take from 30 minutes to 3 hours.

4.5 Where can I find information about my contributions?
- You can find all information about your deposits in the tab "My Deposits".

4.6 How soon will the first interest be calculated?
- After the creation of the first deposit. You will receive your first profit after 24 hours, and each next charge will arrive 24 hours after the previous one. The exact time for calculating interest can be found in the tab "My Deposits" .

4.7 Can I reinvest funds from my account balance?
- Yes, you can reinvest funds from the balance of your account. This method is even more profitable for you, because you do not need to pay a commission for transferring your payment system.

5.1 What is the minimum withdrawal amount?
- The minimum amount for withdrawal is $ 1. The minimum amount for withdrawal in Bitcoin, ETH, LTC is $5.

5.2 How do I order a payment?
- In order to request payment, in the personal Cabinet, go to the tab "withdraw funds", choose the payment system and enter the amount in USD (in BTC if the BitCoin payment system) you want to withdraw. Then click "Create".

5.3 Can I withdraw funds to another payment system?
- No, you can only withdraw to the payment system with which the Deposit was made.

5.4 How do I know which status of my payment?
- To find out the status of your payment, go to the "Operations" tab in your account. Find the desired application for payment, and you will see its status.

5.5 How soon will I receive the ordered payment on my wallet?
- All requests for payments are considered manually by operators within 1-48 business hours. After the creation of the application, you will receive funds to your wallet during this time .

5.6 Is there any fee for withdrawing funds?
- Our company does not charge any commission for any operations within the system. However, we are obliged to inform you that the commissions are withdrawn by your payment systems in accordance with their rules for the provision of services.

5.7 I can not create a payment, what should I do?
- If you can not create an application, make sure that you have enough funds on your account balance, and check that the data you specified in the "Payment Details"

6.1 What is the partner program in the project?
- The partner program of the company is presented in the form of several levels of partnership. Each of the levels has its own partner reward. More details about this you can read in the "Company" - "Partner system" tab in the main menu of the site.

6.2 Can I become a member of a partnership program without a deposit?
- Yes. Even if You did not make an investment in our company, You will still have access to all features of additional earnings in accordance with our Affiliate program.

6.3 How do I invite a new member?
- In order to invite a new user under your name, you must give him your referral link for registration. In his turn he has to clean browsers (especially cookies) before registration, and only then click on your link to register.

6.4 Where can I get my referral link?
- Your referral link is located in your account in the "Referral System" tab.

6.5 Where can I see information about my referrals?
- All your referrals you can see in the "Referral System" tab in your personal account.

6.6 Where can I see who invited me?
- You can see your inviter in the "Referral system" tab in your account.

6.7 Can I change the upline?
- Yes, there is such an opportunity, but for this you need to contact the support service with this request and an explanation of the reason why you want to change it.

6.8 Is there a referral commission from the reinvestment?
- No, the referral commission will not be charged if your referral did reinvest from accoun balance.

7.1 How do I contact project support?
- To contact customer support of the company, you can use the e-mail address: [email protected] , write a support letter in the "Contacts" tab, or contact 24/7 online support in the right bottom corner of the site or in the site menu contacts.

if you have any questions
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