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Beekeeping has always been popular all over the world and has brought considerable income to the holders of apiaries. This type of activity is one of the most successful in the agricultural business. Unlike the breeding of animals and birds, the breeding of insects does not take much time, but still has its own specific features and characteristics.

Bees are absolutely independent. They lead their own natural way of life, which does not overlap with human life. Bees do not need to be fed in the morning and in the evening by the hour, most importantly, you don't need to kill them.
The average season of beekeeping is six months. That is, the apiary will bear fruit within six months, that's why the management of our company decided to open an online investment platform for exactly six months, in order to invest the maximum amount of investment in the apiary and get the maximum income for this season.

The main activity of the company is the production and sale of honey. The naturalness of our honey and bee products begins with ecological beekeeping. This vast concept includes a number of factors and principles about which the buyer may not even have an idea.

Let's try to explain the importance of our approaches in the production of honey and bee products:

We refuse to use cheaper beehives from extruded polystyrene foam, because the evaporation of this material can be absorbed by the honey in the hives, because honey has increased hygroscopicity. We produce all the hives ourselves from pine and linden trees in our woodworking workshop. In doing so we use harmless adhesives and paints. Own production of hives guarantees the use of natural materials at all stages of production.


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We do not use hive frames made of technical plastics and artificial wax.Only natural wood and pure wax are contacted with our honey. We do not use chemical drugs to treat bees and keep them in working order. Not everyone knows that antibiotics are massively used for bee processing. And, of course,it would be illogical to spoil the natural honey (which is extracted by such labor and under the conditions listed above ) with preservatives, dyes, sugars or warming up. Our honey remains the way bees have given it, and our customers and partners receive natural and environmentally friendly products. The profitability of honey production ranges from 30% to 170%, and with proper investment this figure can reach 500% so that's what the company expects.

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